Monday, 7 April 2014

Moonlight the Creative Genius!

Hi everyone!

 As part of my passion for all things creative, kawaii and Japanese, I wanted to let you into an important part of my life. The creative part! I have been creating my own jewellery for a number of years and will be holding a stall at Hyper Japan Fringe Festival in July 2014 at Earls Court! 

I'm so excited about doing this so here goes... some of my little masterpieces, I hope you like them :)

Each individual piece of my jewellery is designed and handmade with love and inspired by my love for Japan <3

Here is a stall I held as part of the Christmas Charity Fundraiser to raise money for the lovely St Saviours Church in Pimlico, London in 2013. Below are some of my creations, if you'd like to purchase any please contact me on I love to hear from my customers so please do get in touch anyway. :) I also design custom made so can make your creative dreams true with my little bag of beads and gems. :)

1. My favourite Japanese Maiko inspired pieces custom created with love for my wonderful customers


 2. Kawaii Rainbow collection inspired by the spring and summer vibrant colours of Japan


3. Japanese cherry blossom collection These pieces are inspired by the beautiful cherry blossom flowers decorating Japan in spring time


 Also custom made Japanese Cherry Blossom pieces


 4. When I visited Japan last I fell in love with the autumn colours so elegant and beatifully exhibited all around and so I felt inspired to create the Japanese Autumn Leaf collection below


 5. My Sapporo inspired collection showcases some kawaii winter and neutral tones to show the beauty in the simplicity of Winter in Japan. I hope you enjoy :)


 So here you have it... my creative genius with beads and crystals... All Japan inspired :) 

So until next time kawaiipops... Have a good night and stay Kawaii! Love you always from Moonlight at Kawaii Pop Japan xoxo

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